What is SoftWave TRT?

What is SoftWave TRT?

What is SoftWave TRT?

SoftWave TRT, featuring the OrthoGold system by SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies, is now proudly offered at Softwave Santa Clarita. This regenerative medicine innovation is acclaimed for its clinical efficacy and is recognized both nationally and internationally. With FDA clearance and a high success rate in clinical trials, SoftWave TRT is a beacon of healing, utilizing patented technology to stimulate the body's natural repair processes at the cellular level.

The Science of Healing

SoftWave TRT's advanced shock wave therapy is powered by electrohydraulic spark gap technology, coupled with a patented parabolic reflector. This combination produces a broad-reaching electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic wave, which significantly accelerates tissue healing and regeneration.

Research-Driven Excellence

With an investment surpassing $25 million in research and development, and maintaining 46 active patents, SoftWave TRT is a leader in medical technology innovation. This commitment ensures that SoftWave remains at the cutting edge of the medical field.

A Trusted Name in Medicine

SoftWave TRT has earned the trust of prestigious research and medical institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Walter Reed Military Center, and Mayo Clinic. By choosing SoftWave, practitioners like Dr. Carolyn Griffin are aligning with a distinguished medical community.

Broad Medical Applications

The versatility of SoftWave TRT extends across multiple medical specialties, including orthopedics, neurology, chiropractic care, podiatry, urology, and sports medicine, making it a trusted name in a wide array of medical practices.

Endorsements from Medical Leaders

The therapy is endorsed by renowned figures in the medical field, including Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. John David Mullins, further cementing its reputation for providing effective treatment.

A Legacy of Innovation

Since its inception by John Warlick and Mark Gronowski in 2004, SoftWave TRT has been at the forefront of using shockwave technology in medicine, beginning with lithotripsy and expanding to a multitude of therapeutic applications.

Holistic Healing Approach

SoftWave TRT goes beyond mere pain relief; it's about holistic regeneration and healing. It addresses the underlying causes of conditions, offering comprehensive treatment options for a variety of issues.

Commitment to Safety

Patients can take comfort in the FDA's approval and clearance of SoftWave TRT, ensuring the highest standards of safety and care in their treatments.

Celebrity and Athlete Endorsements

The therapy is chosen by elite athletes and celebrities from renowned organizations, indicating its high level of trust and effectiveness in the realm of recovery and well-being.

Multidisciplinary Recognition

SoftWave TRT is recognized by healthcare professionals from various fields, ensuring patients receive well-rounded and holistic care.

Vision for a Pain-Free Life

John Warlick's vision for SoftWave TRT is clear: living in pain or with chronic injuries is unnecessary. SoftWave Santa Clarita, led by Dr. Carolyn Griffin, is committed to enhancing the quality of life for its patients, one softwave at a time.

Join the SoftWave Revolution

Residents of Santa Clarita can now experience the benefits of SoftWave Therapy by scheduling an appointment. This innovative treatment offers a non-invasive approach to pain management and tissue regeneration, promising a life of improved mobility and reduced discomfort.